Amazon’s Alexa to Get Microwave Oven Capabilities, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has come a long way with Alexa, proving that the company is more than an e-commerce retailer.


Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices are the future of smart home devices, connecting virtually every area of your home with voice commands. Not only does Alexa connect your voice with your TV, music, video and lights, but it is also connected to your kitchen now.

The company has developed a software that connects the voice assistant with your microwave oven. Naturally, you’ll need a microwave oven that is designed to connect with Alexa, but plenty of appliance makers are taking the initiative to make this happen.

Companies such as Whirlpool are creating their own Alexa skills for your microwave, further promoting the integration of Amazon’s technology with elements of your everyday life. GE AppliancesKenmoreLG and Samsung are also creating microwave ovens with Alexa skills.

Instead of pressing the buttons of the microwave, you can ask Alexa everything from helping you to defrost four pounds of chicken, make popcorn, heat up your leftovers or set up a timer for something that’s cooking elsewhere.

The companies that are teaming up with Amazon’s voice assistant plan on going beyond the microwave oven as they are creating other appliances that link up with Alexa. Amazon is investing in June Life, the company that created the June Oven, which uses voice commands to cook your food in an easy and convenient manner.

AMZN stock gained about 0.3% on Thursday afternoon.

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