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3 Cloud Computing Companies Racing to Push Cloud Computing Aside

Maybe you were thinking about investing into the cloud computing sector. I’m here to tell you that investing into the latest computing trend is changing, much along the lines of transportation changed the horse and buggy era when automobiles came on to the scene. The technology research firm Forrester Research says that the Internet of Things – and the coming deluge of sensors and data – make a good bit of cloud computing passé. It will be more practical and efficient to process all of this data right on the spot where it is being collected. In other words, data will be processed not in a centralized cloud, but at the edge of the network. Thus you get the term ‘edge computing’. Welcome to Edge Computing This makes sense. Think about an autonomous car. Some estimate that these data centers on wheels generate as much as a gigabyte of data every second. Doesn’t it make sense then to process all that data from radar, lidar, cameras and other sensors right there instead of sending it all up to the cloud and then wait to have an answer back to the vehicle? That’s the logic behind Nvidia’s Drive PX Pegasus artificial intelligence (AI)

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