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Buy These 3 Stocks to Profit From Marijuana Legalization

For many years, both the large beverage companies and the large tobacco companies have been in search of growth. That’s because, in both cases, their main products – tobacco, alcohol and sugary drinks – have been deemed to be unhealthy and therefore fewer consumers are using their products. But now there is a FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomena going on in those sectors, all thanks to the legalization of marijuana. Canada will legalize recreational cannabis use today, October 17. More than a dozen countries have legalized pot for medical purposes, including Germany and Australia, and several others are evaluating decriminalization. Here in the U.S., pot has been legalized in more than half of the 50 states, despite cannabis still being illegal under federal law. Nine states, including California, Colorado and Massachusetts, as well as Washington D.C., have approved recreational marijuana use. The Marijuana Market – a Big Pot The trend toward legalization is opening a very big market. Analysts at ArcView as well as BDS Analytics expect spending on cannabis globally to reach $32 billion in 2022 from just $9.5 billion in 2017 and about $11 billion this year. What caught my interest was a recent report from analysts

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