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A Shocking Market Crash; Here’s What to Do

If you noticed American stocks selling off last week and you’re confused as to why, it’s because of an obscure corner of financial markets that might become one of the biggest stories of 2018: the Turkish lira. Turkey’s Money Implodes Where a dollar would get you less than four lira at the start of the year, it now gets you more than six lira—in other words, Turkey’s currency has lost nearly half of its value in 2018 alone! This is something some investors need to fear a lot. And today I’m going to show you how to avoid being on the losing end of this crisis (including 11 funds you need to sell or avoid now, before they get crushed). But first, let’s dig into what exactly is happening in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey Right Now These kinds of moves in emerging market currencies aren’t all that unusual, but Turkey’s a special case. Hardly a distant frontier, the country’s location, between the Middle East and Europe, makes it a key cultural and economic bridge. And Turkey’s economy has benefited; with a $10,800 USD per capita annual income (before the currency crisis), Turkey’s citizens were more prosperous than those of Russia, Mexico

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