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7 High-Quality Dividends for 2018 and Beyond

Source: Shutterstock Are you ready to find the holy grail of dividend investing? The ideal dividends are stocks in strong companies which pay out a high dividend yield. Savvy investors can reinvest payments and, over time, create a veritable treasure trove of double-digit annual gains. Furthermore dividend stocks from financially healthy companies offer a savvy way to hedge risk against more volatile stocks. “While equity markets have been volatile recently, dividend payments are reflective of corporate health and economic conditions and we expect them to be much more stable” Ben Lofthouse, a director at Janus Henderson, told CNBC recently. To pinpoint these elusive stocks, I set the TipRanks’ stock screener to filter for stocks with a “positive, high or very high” dividend yield and a “strong buy” analyst consensus rating. This is based on only ratings from the last three months. The result: we can be confident that these are premium stock picks with the biggest Street support right now. Plus looking at the average analyst price target is a handy indicator of the dividends’ upside potential in terms of share price. So with that in mind, let’s take a closer look right now: 10 Tech Stocks That Will TRIPLE Compare Brokers High-Quality Dividends:

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