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Buy These 2 Big Data Stocks Warren Buffett Wouldn’t Have Touched a Year Ago

Among the many most promising technologies is something called deep learning. A simple definition of deep learning is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out a form of advanced pattern recognition or advanced analytics. Deep learning has become the hottest subsector within AI thanks to technological breakthroughs in both image and language recognition that is approaching human levels of comprehension. The potential scale of deep learning’s impact on business was laid out last month in a report from McKinsey Global Institute called Notes from the AI Frontier: Insight from Hundreds of Use Cases. The study from McKinsey found that, for some industries, deep learning has the potential to create value equivalent to as much as 9% of a company’s revenues. One of the most promising areas for the use of deep learning, according to McKinsey, is marketing and sales for consumer-facing industries. Examples would include customer service management, creating individualized offers, acquiring customers and honing prices and promotions. Frequent interactions with customers generate the huge amount of data needed to feed the AI systems. The winners will be the companies that can sweat the largest amount of data the hardest. Airlines Go ‘Deep’ One consumer-facing industry that is turning

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Should I Buy Alibaba Stock?

With Chinese trade war turmoil rocking Chinese stocks on American markets, many investors are wondering if they should still consider buying Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.‘s (NYSE: BABA) stock. If Wall Street is to be believed, investors should stay far away – between January and May, Alibaba’s stock dropped 18% as the White House pushed

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