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Buy 3 These Three High-Yield Funds to Shelter Your Money from Volatility

In my last two articles, I’ve focused on tech sector investments. (Specifically, an industry-leading companywhose critical products are driving several huge tech trends, plus a diversified way to play one of today’s fastest-growing industries). Over that time, of course, the stock market has also decided that it’s finally time for a good, old-fashioned bout of volatility. So today – and in the spirit of not panicking – I want to step away from growth-based tech and follow up on Tim Plaehn’s article on Monday by giving you a couple of ways to combat adversity. Investments that will keep passive income rolling in, even when the market takes a dip. Let’s get to it… “Complete Morons” When the S&P 500 closed last Thursday, it officially entered “correction” territory, having dropped by over 10% from its January 26 peak. In the process, five of the S&P’s 11 sectors also dropped by over 10%, as the index lost $2.5 trillion of its value. The culprit? “Complete morons,” according to CNBC’s Jim Cramer. You’ve heard of the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) – which measures the level of fear or complacency in the market, based on short-term S&P 500 options activity. But you may not have heard of the VelocityShares

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The Key to Crypto Profits

Editor’s Note: In light of cryptocurrency’s recent pullback, we’re presenting an updated version of an article Adam originally wrote in November of last year. The message is simple: You should buy and hold… even though it can be hard not to panic-sell during sharp corrections like those we’re seeing today. Dear

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