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3 High-Yield Dividend 5G Stocks to Consider Today

5G wireless service is coming and it will change the world. The new fifth generation of wireless networking is just starting to roll out. 5G will soon start replacing 4G, which has been the standard for wireless data transmission for the last half-decade. If you remember how great it was to go from 3G to 4G, 5G is going to be 50 times better. As in 50 times faster than the current 4G average. More importantly, several new, likely life-changing technologies need the higher data speeds of 5G to function properly. At the top of the list is self-driving cars, or even human driven cars with automatic driving features. To avoid running over cats, children, the center median and other traffic on the road these vehicles will need to gather and process huge amounts of data. 5G will eventually lead to smart buildings and homes – the so-called Internet of Things or IoT. (If you’re interested in IoT be sure to check out new research from my colleague Tony Daltorio.) Life will catch up with science fiction. It is likely that it may be possible to use your new 5G smartphone or a dedicated 5G hotspot device as your all-the-time connection to

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