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Don’t Miss This High-Yield Stock Paying 150% of Its Normal Dividend

Personally, I get to this point in the month and tell myself to stop spending money. I have been buying gifts, plus stuff on sale from my favorite vendors. If you are in the same boat, or even if you have exhibited outstanding spending discipline through this holiday season, I want to recommend giving your self the gift of a special dividend payment. Today’s stock will pay a nice special dividend before the end of December and then continue to pay monthly dividends throughout the year. You can think of this as the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Main Street Capital (NYSE: MAIN) is a monthly dividend paying business development company (BDC).  The company has also paid semi-annual, supplemental dividends since 2013. The next supplemental payout lands in investor brokerage accounts on December 27 and is equal to 150% of the normal monthly dividend. To earn this special 27.5 cents per share dividend, you must buy shares at least a day before the ex-dividend date of December 17. That means buy shares on December 16 or earlier. Your new shares will start earning the monthly dividends, with a payment on January 15. A BDC is a closed-end investment company, like

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